Our Events

The camper-staff relationship is at the core of what makes our main events so special. As soon as a camper walks through the door, they'll be grouped with two (or more) of our student staff members. By design, our staff will be by the camper's side for the entire event.

Each event is loaded with tons of activities, including: creative drawing, craft making, board games, puzzles, bowling, ring toss, ball games, pin the tail on the donkey, mummy wrap, puppeteering, listening to music, synchronized dance parties, watching movies, and so much more! Our staff members will never force campers to do an activity they don't want to do.

Furthermore, main events tend to have seasonal themes. For example, an October event might be halloween themed (see images). A January event might have a winter theme. Whatever the case, each event will offer a variety of activities that campers are already familiar with.

Camp Raspberry is organized by district volunteers on a budget, so it's difficult to know the specifics of each event months in advance. With that said, we can guarantee that each event will maximize socialization with our staff and enable new friendships with other campers.

Campers construct (and then demolish) a one-of-a-kind snack.