About Us

Mission Statement

Camp Raspberry is an interactive program run by the Pascack Valley Regional High School District. Students work together to create a fun and safe environment for children with special needs.

The program offers themed events located at Pascack Valley and Pascack Hills.

We're on a mission to give our campers an experience they will never forget!

Our Staff & Advisors

Camp Raspberry’s staff includes students from both Pascack Valley and Pascack Hills high schools. The staff attends several presentations, as well as experiential talks from members of the community, throughout the year. These meetings help to prepare and educate the staff on how to interact with campers to the best of their ability.

In addition to the student staff, there are several adult advisors that oversee the program operations and aid students during events. The combination of advisory experience and interaction within the program creates a very safe environment where campers can have fun and socialize with others.